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The other day, this beautiful young thing walked into my studio, nervous and sweet and shy...We toasted a bit of champagne and my amazing make-up artist, Kailey, got to work!  We laughed and chatted about our husbands and kids and life in general. She's a military wife, like me, so we talked about the ups and downs with that. We chatted about family being far away and about friends becoming family. All this while, I'm sitting back watching the transformation of this young lady from the girl next door to a bombshell vixen. She has no idea at this point how gorgeous she is looking and the magic that Kailey is doing. I'm fan-girling out over the lipstick color, the hair, the lashes....all of it!  Finally, the moment arrives to allow her to see her transformation and oh, the JOY and SURPRISE! It was amazing!!!  This pretty little thing transformed to an absolute vixen. You could just watch the confidence grow. And then it was my turn!  We moved around the studio, making use of

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